Sunday, January 19, 2014

Finally back ✧

Whoa! long time no talk!!
It's great to be finally back to Auz, especially because it's so warm here! 
Japan was soooooooo cold,, but it was awesome! 
What's even more awesome, I went to Movie World in Gold Coast with my best friend, Ana! (ana_bananana on intagram. She takes pretty good piccies, gotta follow her now!) 
Pretty cool, huh? (pic by Ana)

This day, I wore my good old checked top with a red belt, and jeggings (which I ended up regreting a lot since it was so hot!) to finish off the outfit.
Just a casual large bag to fit in everything in, and you're off to a Theme park!

These pictures you see are us who have peaceful minds and still doesn't know that the chocolate in the bag has melted and spread all over our phones and wallets...

top: girls xpress
belt: ICE
jeggings: ICE

xx Peach


  1. OMG~ WB Kids, I totally loved that channel as a kid! lol~~ saturday morning cartoons, my reason to get up! haha

    the photos are beautiful btw~

    1. Haha! me too! and thank you Anna <3 xx

  2. Love the top! X