Saturday, November 16, 2013

Over the Bridge.

Is anyone still alive?
Well, I'm not.I am currently drowning in tests and assignments, sadly.
But who said that it will stop me from fashion blogging?
Oh by the way, I made a new blog for Seungri lovers! check it out, you VIP's <3 
I just made it, so wait until it updates, it will look AWESOME soon!
...Now, back to fashion.
How beautiful is this place.
A normal routine of my dog walk, transformed into a fashion power spot. 
I was lucky enough to have time share the world my pretties stripe dress!
Matching with this necklace my grandma bought for me, this suits the up coming summer in Australia, mate!
Just rock those sunnies and you're ready to go.

"I'd like to thanks over appreciation, to whom invented selfies." 
- peach

Dress: Supré
xx Peach