Saturday, October 12, 2013

Free Dress Day *:・゚

Hello internet!
So on Friday, we had a free dress day in school!
God you don't know how much I love free dress days!
By the way, the theme was: colours and bandannas...
Okay, I had a bandanna on, but maybe not colours. hahah
Also, keep in touch on my youtube channel because the day when I post my very first video is soon! So that means: please subscribe my channel.
I'll thank you heaps<3 
Oh, and also, Now I have a follow button--> 
its on the right bar, so FOLLOW ME PLEASE!!
I'll love you guys forever<3

xx Peach


  1. super fun! cute outfit!!

  2. Your follow icons are too cute! Hello Kitty + Instagram at its best! HAHA

    1. haha i know right! i <3 hello kitty!

  3. its free dress for me everyday