Sunday, October 27, 2013

✧・゚:* Flying colours :・゚✧

Let me tell you now, if have never seen these purple miracles flowers, you have never lived your life.
Okay, sorry for scaring you, but jacarandas are one of my favourite blossoms that bloom in spring here in Australia. 
Just like sakuras, they fly on to the ground and create a beautiful purple carpet!
Wait until its summer, they all turn brown and stink...
This dreamy tank-top is the most important key to this outfit.
Finish this look with a my favourite moustache sunnies!
Have fun; don't hesitate to add extra colour to this outfit, such as, bright coloured shoes, necklace etc etc.
Anything will fit perfectly with this scheme♪

Top: Supre
xx Peach


  1. So beautiful! What a gorgeous outfit and flower. Love your blog, girl!

  2. Aaahhh you stole my jacaranda post!!
    hahaha jks
    Anyways, you look great