Blah it's winter x

Say hello to my dogs again!
The brown dog is called Chocolat, and the white/black dog is called Bongo! ^^
They're both from RSPCA and so they are both mixed; Chocolat looks a bit like dingo.. 
Any suggestions of what blood you think they have? ^^
I'm obsessed with knit jumpers right now, it's a must have for this winter in Australia! <3
Jumper: Chicabooti

xx Peach

Winter Fashionista (with a hint of summer)

So what if its winter? Take off your jumper and pretend it's summer! :D
(And then put it back on after you take photos for your blog)

As we are in the HOLIDAYS right now, I went to Pilchy's house to sleep over, then to the city to have a shopping spree! :D 
Oh by the way, Pilchy has recently started a blog, and if you're interested, please go and visit for her;

I am soooooo obsessed with this fruit!
It's a type of a mango from Vietnam! Green mango ^^
It's sweet, sour and crunchy; it's healthy too!
Love it.

But you know what else I love?
This. It's a fangirl version of "Overdose" by exo, and it is FRICKEN' HILARIOUS.
I literally have watched it at least 50 times. 
hahaha I hope you enjoy :)
shoes: Lipstik

xx Peach

My Life ☂

A bomb amount of appreciation for the ones who left me with a message of encouragement for my last post. It really smiled me up! (If that's even a thing)
Yes, my life is getting better; I survived all of the assessments and all I now need to do is relax and enjoy life! (Jks, now I'm back to reading "Clockwork Angel"! I've finished the book just then, now I have to wait until Monday when I can go to the school library to borrow the second book of the series!)
Anyhow, lately my brother (as a film uni student) has been photographing my blog pics and I want your honest opinion. How's it? 
For me I prefer photos with more blurred backgrounds, idek, it just makes it look so.... professional! You guys know what I mean?
Gotta leave you with your life. How is it going? x
top: ninie
jumper: UniQlo
xx Peach

Dream Catcher ❋

C'mon, honestly. Who DOESN'T love my dream catcher???
This is me attempting to be calm from all of the disasters in my life right now:
- winter
- assignments
- dentist
- school
- performance
- homework
- practice
- work
- cold
- cold
- cold
- cold
- omg


City Fashion

OMG it has been so long since I have posted on my blog!!
Apologies, I have been so busy practicing the harp and studying and working on my assignments!
These photos are credit to my brother, who recently bought a brand new camera.
Perfect, Bro now you can take pics for me! (lol)

I was actually pretty pleased that not many people were looking at me weirdly as I pose in middle of the city!////
After posing (and grabbing some coffee) I went to a date with my dad to a Queensland Pops Orchestra 30th anniversary concert! They were AMAZING. I want to go again soon! <3

xx Peach