Saturday, September 20, 2014

Finally back

I apologise for not posting in AGES!!!
I've been busy all week with so many assignments and study... D:
But that's okay, because I'm finally in my holidays!! :)


Saturday, August 02, 2014

Past, Present, Future ❋

Lately, I started to actually think about my future. Yes, I'm still in grade 10 and this might sound too early for some people; but we did this activity at school called "career assessments", in which we answer questions to lead to a "result" showing what we might be doing in the future. As I already have the ability to speak both English and Japanese, I've always been thinking about being a translator; but obviously I have other dream jobs to chase after. Last time I was thinking about this in the school library with my friends I had a sudden flashback/memory streak thing; I actually wanted to become a flight attendant for a long time before I came into highschool. I don't know, I think somewhere inside my brain something is telling me that it's something to worry about in a long long away but in reality time flies and it wouldn't be long until I'll have to seriously think about which university to go and everything. But also I have a feeling that worrying too much of these things will just shutter the fun of the remaining high school life, aka childhood. Yep, it's kind of sad to think that graduation=childhood over, (unless you're childish of course) but physically we will soon be mature and will have to make these decisions ourselves. Any thoughts?

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Blah it's winter x

Say hello to my dogs again!
The brown dog is called Chocolat, and the white/black dog is called Bongo! ^^
They're both from RSPCA and so they are both mixed; Chocolat looks a bit like dingo.. 
Any suggestions of what blood you think they have? ^^
I'm obsessed with knit jumpers right now, it's a must have for this winter in Australia! <3
Jumper: Chicabooti

xx Peach

Saturday, July 05, 2014

Winter Fashionista (with a hint of summer)

So what if its winter? Take off your jumper and pretend it's summer! :D
(And then put it back on after you take photos for your blog)

As we are in the HOLIDAYS right now, I went to Pilchy's house to sleep over, then to the city to have a shopping spree! :D 
Oh by the way, Pilchy has recently started a blog, and if you're interested, please go and visit for her;

I am soooooo obsessed with this fruit!
It's a type of a mango from Vietnam! Green mango ^^
It's sweet, sour and crunchy; it's healthy too!
Love it.

But you know what else I love?
This. It's a fangirl version of "Overdose" by exo, and it is FRICKEN' HILARIOUS.
I literally have watched it at least 50 times. 
hahaha I hope you enjoy :)
shoes: Lipstik

xx Peach

Saturday, June 21, 2014

My Life ☂

A bomb amount of appreciation for the ones who left me with a message of encouragement for my last post. It really smiled me up! (If that's even a thing)
Yes, my life is getting better; I survived all of the assessments and all I now need to do is relax and enjoy life! (Jks, now I'm back to reading "Clockwork Angel"! I've finished the book just then, now I have to wait until Monday when I can go to the school library to borrow the second book of the series!)
Anyhow, lately my brother (as a film uni student) has been photographing my blog pics and I want your honest opinion. How's it? 
For me I prefer photos with more blurred backgrounds, idek, it just makes it look so.... professional! You guys know what I mean?
Gotta leave you with your life. How is it going? x
top: ninie
jumper: UniQlo
xx Peach